Behind-The-Scene Activities

What better way to expose children to some behind-the-scene routines than to have them be involved in the food preparation activities?

In-depth Explanations

Students will be briefed on the different wildlife in Malaysia as well as their biology, ecology and threats that they face.

Emerging Conservation Issues

Students will also learn about emerging conservation issues in Malaysia and how relevant legislations are protecting these species.

Instil a Sense of Stewardship

Students need to be educated in order to make conscious decisions to take action. We provide them with the necessary knowledge today, to empower them to make the right decisions in the future.

The pilot Wildlife Explorer programme was initiated in 2018, and benefitted 88 participants. It was hosted by Taman Rekreasi dan Zoo Kemaman (TRZK), and supported by Lions Clubs of Kemaman and Kuantan. 

The “Wildlife Explorer Programme” is an educational programme that aims to expose students to some endangered wildlife in Malaysia as well as to give them a behind-the-scenes experience at the zoo.

Participants will be taken on a tour of the zoo and given multiple briefings about the endangered wildlife and the threats that they face, they will also be given some hands-on opportunities to prepare food for some of the animals. Each participant will be given a booklet into which they could sketch or write notes as they are being briefed.

To enhance the knowledge that they have just learned, participants will be given a quiz a la Amazing Race. They will be required to work in groups to locate the answers to the quiz questions. Prizes will be given to the first three groups that return the most number of correct answers.

P/S: Read about the pilot programme in The Star.

The itinerary for the “Wildlife Explorer Programme” is as follows:

9:00 am: Parents drop off their children at the Kemaman Mini Zoo. Meet and greet. 
9:15 am: Introduction to the “Wildlife Explorer Programme.” Take the tram to the main area of the zoo.
9:30 am: Food preparation. Participants help prepare vegetables and fruits for the freshwater turtles and tortoises in the zoo.
10:00 am: Guided tour of the zoo. Participants will be introduced to the wildlife in the zoo, as well as their biology, ecology, threats, current issues and how these wildlife are being protected under relevant legislations.
11:00 am: Quiz a la Amazing Race. Participants work in groups to find the correct answers to 20 quiz questions. This reinforces the knowledge that they have jus acquired.
11:30 am: Refreshments. Photo opportunity.
12:00 noon: Programme ends.

Note: Minimum number of participants in a Wildlife Explorer programme is 20 pax.

RM 30 per pax

Primary school students (7 – 12 years old):
RM 30 per pax

Kindergarteners (4 – 6 years old):
RM 20 per pax

If you would like your students to join our Wildlife Explorer Programme, please register your interest by filling up the following form. We will send you an email shortly to confirm the availability of your preferred date.

Name of Adult/Teacher.
If this is a school group, please provide the name of the school.
Min 20 pax.
Any vegetarians in your group? Allergies to any specific food items?

1. Is the “Wildlife Explorer Programme” open to all schools?
This introductory programme is open to students and teachers from kindergartens and primary schools.

2. Is there a minimum and maximum number of participants per programme?
Minimum 20 pax, maximum 40 pax.

3. Do the students need to bring their own utensils for refreshments?
Yes, please bring your own tupperware/ container/ plate and fork/ spoon/ chopsticks. We will be serving fried noodles/ rice and packet drinks.

4. What other things should they bring along?
Bring a small backpack, own drinking water. Students will receive a booklet and a pencil. They may want to bring a cap/ hat/ foldable umbrella and sunblock (optional).

5. I have some specific questions about the programme.
Sure! We are happy to answer any questions you may have. Email us and we will get back to you shortly.

Thank you Pelf, TCS and the zoo. We thoroughly enjoyed the “Wildlife Explorer Programme” with the kids. Visiting Lions from Kuantan Clubs also gave awesome feedback for the programme!
– Jennifer Tan, Kelab Lions Chukai Central, 2018


The River Terrapin Conservation Centre is closed to the public, and all TCS education and outreach programmes are suspended until further notice.

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